Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rajesh Rajnish music directors duo
Rajesh is from Mithlanchal belt where as rajnish is from Bhojpuri belt bettiah. Both of them united to give the full fl age taste of entire Bihar and UP

started music direction with NIRAHUWA RIKSHAWAL . Film was big hit and credits were given to story and music of the film. music was chart buster for more than 2 years.

After the success of NR next was NIRAHUWA CHALAL SASURAL again a big hit. This film of alok singh established them as music director in the music industry.

PRATIGYA which was released later proved a musical block buster. All credits were given to the music.
SAAT SAHELIYAN again proved a biggest hit of 2010

SHIVA a hit film by subba roa has give chance to break the boundary of bhojpuri music. as this film was produced by movie mu gal Dr. D Rama naidu for freedom was given to score the music of today's generation. Music was appreciated by every one.